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Who is Peter Gow?

MAIN BLDG FLOWERSI was born into a family of educators, grew up on a boarding school campus, and graduated from Nichols School in Buffalo, New York. I did my undergraduate study at Yale and earned a master’s in English from Brown. I began my career as a teacher and development officer at The Gow School, which my grandfather founded in 1926 as the world’s first college preparatory school for students with dyslexia.

From there I moved eastward to Providence Country Day School, Fessenden School, and latterly Beaver Country Day School. I’ve served on the staff of the New England New Teacher Seminar and consulted for the Commission on Accreditation of the National Association of Independent Schools. I was a founding board member of the Independent Curriculum Group, of which I am now Executive Director. In my work there I recruit and coordinate membership, maintain the website and monthly newsletters, and facilitate many of our on-site and residential events.

My experience is “old school.” I’ve been a teacher, a coach, an advisor; I’ve run dormitories, proctored study halls, and chaired Coach Gow 1984committees. I’ve been an athletic director, a department chair, a college counselor, a dean of faculty, an academic dean, and a trustee. Along the way I’ve been a faculty brat, a faculty spouse, and an independent school parent.

An exciting future lies ahead, and schools and teachers have to keep up, which means that old-school values have to merge with cutting-edge ideas and practice. Effective educators and great schools need to be paying close attention and eagerly embracing change if they are to fulfill their missions and their destinies.

My life’s work has been, is, and will be to help every independent school deliver the best possible educational experience to every student based on the fullest expression of its mission.


PG at NantucketI have spoken and presented on school issues to a variety of audiences, including twelve National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conferences since 2001;  keynoted the Association of Independent Maryland Schools Tech Directors’ Retreat; served as faculty at the Folio Collaborative Summer Institute; presented at PG and Mouldingmultiple Independent Curriculum Group workshops and seminars; shared ideas on “The New Progressivism” at the Progressive Education Network national conference and the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools Annual Conference; and talked to the Heads and Board Chairs Conference of the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools, the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education Assembly for Jewish Day School Education, and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges about recruiting, hiring, and training great teachers.

I’ve also addressed and worked with faculties at many independent schools on topics including curriculum change, change management, teacher evaluation, schedule change, differentiated learning, professional culture, and the cultural impact and promise of technology.

Peter B&W studiousYou can see a sample of some of my writings (and order a book or two if you’d like) below, and of course you can check out my blogs: Not Your Father’s School, “Independent Schools, Common Perspectives” at Education Week, and The Interested Child. I’ve also guest blogged for The Association of Boarding Schools, the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals, EdSocialMedia, and the blog at Howard Gardner’s The Good Project. I have been a researcher and writer for NAIS and a frequent contributor to Independent School magazine.

Click here to see my full résumé and list of publications and presentations.


What Is A School? A Philosophical and Practical Guide For Independent School Leaders, Trustees, and Friends (Publish Green, 2011)

Purchase What Is A School? from Amazon as an eBook for the Kindle. Also available for the Nook and other e-readers and reader apps.

What Is A School? is a series of meditations on the nature and purpose of independent schools. Written for anyone who leads a school or thinks deeply about their purpose and future, What Is A School? explores the human aspirations behind the existence of any school to provide new perspectives on governance and strategic thinking.

Messaging and Branding: A How-To Guide (coauthored with Carol Cheney) (National Association of Independent Schools, 2010)

Purchase and download Messaging and Branding: A How-To Guide

Messaging and Branding is a short, intensive course for leaders and strategic marketers in communicating schools’ identities, values, and messages. Including exercises that can help focus messaging and understanding of opportunities, Messaging and Branding is not just about talking about identities and ideals—it’s about living them.

The Intentional Teacher: Forging a Great Career in the Independent School Classroom (Avocus Publishing, 2009 )

Purchase The Intentional Teacher

Written for aspiring, novice, and veteran teachers alike, The Intentional Teacher takes readers through a career, offering observations, advice, and specific tools to make teaching more effective and more satisfying. Based on 35 years of experience, The Intentional Teacher comes from the heart and soul of a happy teacher.

The Watery Realm (WoodenBoat Books, 2006)

Purchase The Watery Realm

The Watery Realm muses on the ways in which being around, in, and on bodies of water can open the minds of children (and adults, too!) to wonder and possibility. From flying over coastline to strolling on a beach to watching boats in a storm, The Watery Realm explores the deepest, most humbling, and most captivating kinds of learning.

An Admirable Faculty: Recruiting, Hiring, Training, And Retaining Teachers In Independent Schools (National Association of Independent Schools, 2005)

Purchase An Admirable Faculty

An Admirable Faculty presents best practices in recruiting, hiring, teacher orientation, and creating vibrant professional cultures that offering teachers daily satisfaction and ongoing growth. An Admirable Faculty sets out a process through which schools can set be assured of engaged, top-quality teaching.



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