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Milestones: The Interested Child turns 100

It’s been a week for even more milestones, and if you’ll allow me a moment of pride, I’ll share that the Independent Curriculum Group just took on its 75th Partner School (which makes a total of 78 Partners, with The Association of Boarding Schools, the Progressive Education […]

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Learning to Improve: Improvement Science and Defining Our Problems

I enjoy school strategy statements. These days they take the form, variously, of strategic visions, strategic priorities, or the tried-and-true strategic plans. Most of these are pretty interesting, although one can fault the form as being perhaps a little bit too standardized, like Brill Building hit songs […]

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Back Like a Truant Kid, with Excuses and Promises

It’s the middle of July, for crying out loud, and never before have I been so laggard in maintaining this blog. I plead both personal and professional reasons; I’ve had plenty of mostly welcome distractions—with an unhappy sidebar—that have been keeping my head busy in other ways. […]

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Some Thoughts and Resources on Independent School Teaching

About ten years back, based on an article I had written for Independent School magazine, I was asked by the National Association of Independent Schools to put together a proposal for a book on hiring, training, and retaining teachers. An Admirable Faculty: Recruiting, Hiring, Training, and Retaining […]

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The Untapped Power of Protocols

I’m following the Twitter stream from the NAIS Science of Learning and 21st Century Schools Summit, and at this particular moment the magic word is “protocols.” To my mind, that’s deep magic, of the very best kind. I first encountered protocols as a participant in Steve Seidel’s […]

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Standardized Testing and College Admission: A Counselor’s Lament

The whole college admission thing has been wed to standardized testing in a big way for longer than we care to remember, and for all those years its flaws haven’t exactly been a secret. Five decades ago, my high school experience at an independent school in New […]

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Que Será, Será: The Future of Independent Schools is Not One Thing Only

As usual I had a pretty amazing experience at the National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference just ended (read participants’ thoughts here), buoyed along by some happy personal news and some uncommonly fine socializing. The student musical groups were a delight. Our Independent Curriculum Group reception […]

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MINDSETS: Of Schools, Faculties, and Teachers

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about the challenges of school change, and my experience over and over again has been that exceedingly well-intended, creative, clever, professional, and deeply caring educators—whether singly or in groups or representing entire schools—bring to each new question, large or small, […]

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What is the Independent School Presence in Education Programs?

Regular readers know that I am passionate about involving more independent school people in the larger—national and global—conversation about education. There are more than a few challenges in making this happen, including some assumptions and stereotypes that get not only in our own way but in the […]

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