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Restitutional Teaching: Another Thought On Why We (or at least some of us may) Teach

I have had some wonderful teachers in my life—a solid bunch in my public elementary school and another group in my independent junior high–high school. They shaped and influenced my life in ways I wish I could still tell them about; I’ve managed to get to the […]

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Failure Studies

We’ve been reading quite a lot about failure lately, and clichés and nostrums aimed at getting teachers to embrace failure and to encourage students to do the same trip up and down my Twitter stream at the same rate similar exhortations to embrace “excellence” might have done […]

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My Father’s School—for Me

For a long time after my father died two and a half years ago, I would occasionally have dreams in which he was present in the world of the dream but not present in my direct experience in the dream. He was there, but not right there. […]

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Being Who You Are

A recurring moment in my life as an overnight camp administrator for many summers was when older campers and staff—many time “lifers” who had been campers and moved on—declared in some comfortable setting that “camp is the only place I can really be myself.” I never actually […]

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Celebrating Transitions and Interested Children

Year’s-end is upon us, and there are so many things to think about. I’m reblogging this from The Interested Child, which I write mainly for parents but whose content generally falls within the realm of education. (You might also check out this Interested Child post on “summer […]

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It’s Been a Week for Questions

As I try to sift out the experience of a week, sometimes I reach a point of desperation that comes out in the form of questions. Some recent ones: The post-Santa Barbara conversation over misogyny in the “nerd” community has gone in some interesting directions. But I […]

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Retreat for Academic Leaders, October 2014

Readers may be interested in this upcoming event; I hope to meet some of you there: The Independent Curriculum Group, a consortium of schools sharing a commitment to school-based, mission-driven, teacher-created curriculum and assessment, is excited to invite members of your school community to our inaugural INTERNATIONAL […]

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Thoughts on Independent Schools’ Responsibilities

From time to time I post thoughts on issues of national policy to my blog at Education Week, which is called Independent Schools, Common Perspectives. In the interest of bringing this content to the attention of Not Your Father’s School readers, I just wanted to let you […]

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Data Are People, Too

We keep hearing about data, and how data analysis is going to help education chart its own course toward salvation. I’ve been swimming in a sea of data lately, trying to make out some landmarks. When the accrediting process for independent schools added a kind of data […]

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Girls and Maker Culture: Nothing New

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of experiencing Poughkeepsie Day School’s admirable “From STEM to STEAM and Beyond” conference, including an outstanding “un”-keynote by Pam Moran and Alison Dwier-Selden and some terrific sessions on STEAM education and “Maker” culture in schools. As I bade farewell to […]

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