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Literacy and Luck

I’m a lucky man. Upon occasion I do reflect in my old age on the heaps of cultural and social capital I carry around, or rather that carry me around, elevated perhaps above my true existential worth by flukes of race and gender and the socioeconomic accident […]

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The Untapped Power of Protocols

I’m following the Twitter stream from the NAIS Science of Learning and 21st Century Schools Summit, and at this particular moment the magic word is “protocols.” To my mind, that’s deep magic, of the very best kind. I first encountered protocols as a participant in Steve Seidel’s […]

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MINDSETS: Of Schools, Faculties, and Teachers

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about the challenges of school change, and my experience over and over again has been that exceedingly well-intended, creative, clever, professional, and deeply caring educators—whether singly or in groups or representing entire schools—bring to each new question, large or small, […]

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The Thing of It Is: Free Will and the Internet of Things

About every 30 years or so Hollywood cooks up a horror movie titled The Thing. Even if the 1951 version, which I saw at a Saturday kids’ matinee when I was growing up, had a longer moniker (The Thing from Another World), posters and trailers emphasized “The […]

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When I was in college I envied friends at colleges with “Jan Terms.” From my vantage point at a ponderous, grad school-ridden university, these four-week terms looked pretty appealing, great examples of nimble, student-interested-based programs that could happen in smaller liberal arts colleges to make education fresh […]

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Thoughts on Independent Schools’ Responsibilities

From time to time I post thoughts on issues of national policy to my blog at Education Week, which is called Independent Schools, Common Perspectives. In the interest of bringing this content to the attention of Not Your Father’s School readers, I just wanted to let you […]

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Back at the Old Stand!

We took a month or so at a new address, embedded in my personal business website, but I’m happy to say that Not Your Father’s School has been liberated to return to its old URL (actually two old URLs, as and both bring you here) […]

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