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News! "WHAT IS A SCHOOL?" released as an e-book


Last winter I began this blog with a series of posts under the heading “What Is A School?” I am excited to announce that the series is now available—updated and with an introduction—as a e-book.

Subtitled, “A Philosophical and Practical Guide for Independent School Leaders, Trustees, and Friends,” What Is A School? explores the essential aspects of what independent schools are and must aspire to be in the next decades. It has some Old School elements and some cheerleading for seriously innovative practice—elements that preserve what is most vital and worthy in the independent school experience while pushing the boundaries of best practice in management, leadership, program, and vision.

As the subtitle suggests, the intended audience for What Is A School? is anyone who plays a leading role in setting the course for a school or schools—administrators, board members, teacher leaders, faculty members, and in fact anyone who cares about a particular school, for independent schools in general, for the state of education, and above all for the students for whom independent schools exist.

At the moment the book is available for Kindle through Amazon, for the Nook at Barnes & Noble, from Apple at the iTunes Store, and for other e-book readers that use the .ePub format through MyBookOrders.Com.

I modestly hope that Not Your Father’s School readers will enjoy What Is A School? and pass the word to friends and colleagues who might be interested.