How can Peter Gow help your school?

Strengthen your school’s strategic position.

With deep experience in telling the independent school story and helping schools define their aspirations and their needs, I can help you ensure that your school says what it means and then does what it says—in the marketplace, in the community, and in the classroom.

I can guide your school in

  • Thematic Marketing research, design, and implementation
  • Developing data-informed strategies for programmatic and operational decision-making
  • Developing smart, forward-thinking strategic priorities for teaching and learning
  • Drafting distinctive, meaningful mission and value statements

Build and strengthen your school’s professional culture.

With my passion for creating robust professional cultures, I understand the evolving opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for schools and teachers. I can help you tap the full power of your school’s teachers and staff to build a true community of informed, professional, collaborative practice.

I can help you guide your school in

  • Building and sustaining a rich, rewarding, mission-aware professional culture
  • Planning and implementing effective, mission-driven programs for teacher evaluation and professional growth
  • Planning and implementing effective professional learning programs to create authentic professional learning communities
  • Planning and implementing schedule change

Maximize the effectiveness and engagement of every teacher in every classroom.

We can’t expect teachers to go it alone in the 21st-century world. With unmatched expertise in teacher development, I can help you create professional development programs that will support and inspire every teacher, at every career stage.

I can help you guide your school in

  • Planning and implementing mission-driven teacher recruiting and hiring programs
  • Planning and implementing state-of-the-art new-teacher induction and support
  • Specific professional development on:
    • Planning and implementing meaningful project-based learning
    • Thematic, integrated curriculum and meaningful assessment
    • Medical school-style case-based problem-based learning
    • Incorporating design thinking
  • Providing mentoring-at-large services for teachers and teacher cohorts at all career stages

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