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What is the Independent School Presence in Education Programs?

Regular readers know that I am passionate about involving more independent school people in the larger—national and global—conversation about education. There are more than a few challenges in making this happen, including some assumptions and stereotypes that get not only in our own way but in the […]

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Ferguson: Tethering Ourselves to What Matters

A while back I realized that once upon a time I was actually in Ferguson, Missouri. It was around Christmas of 1970, and I was visiting a friend—in fact a girlfriend—in Florissant, the other town with which Ferguson shared its high school. Ferguson and Florissant were then, at […]

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The Blame Game: Elite Colleges and Students’ Double Lives

It’s been a tough summer for “elite” colleges—those eight or ten or twelve schools whose names everyone knows and about which everyone has an opinion. I suppose these schools should be pleased that their brands, or at least the collective “Ivy League” brand shared by eight of […]

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