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A Story in Anticipation of #NAISAC in 2016

When I was in high school I remember the excitement every year when my uncle, who lived across the street and was doing his stint as “headmaster” of the small boys boarding school that was still at that time the family business, prepared each year for “NAIS.” […]

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Learning to Improve: Improvement Science and Defining Our Problems

I enjoy school strategy statements. These days they take the form, variously, of strategic visions, strategic priorities, or the tried-and-true strategic plans. Most of these are pretty interesting, although one can fault the form as being perhaps a little bit too standardized, like Brill Building hit songs […]

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MINDSETS: Of Schools, Faculties, and Teachers

I’ve been thinking a great deal lately about the challenges of school change, and my experience over and over again has been that exceedingly well-intended, creative, clever, professional, and deeply caring educators—whether singly or in groups or representing entire schools—bring to each new question, large or small, […]

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11 Things That I Wish “21st-Century Education” Evangelists Weren’t Doing So Much Of

One thing I have noticed about those lists of “My Top Ten Blog Posts of 2014” summaries favored by many bloggers is that many of the most widely read blog posts are comprised of listicles, urgent-sounding enumerated lists of must-dos or must-haves or pet peeves. Because Not […]

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When I was in college I envied friends at colleges with “Jan Terms.” From my vantage point at a ponderous, grad school-ridden university, these four-week terms looked pretty appealing, great examples of nimble, student-interested-based programs that could happen in smaller liberal arts colleges to make education fresh […]

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Disruptive Innovation: The Mirror and the Crystal Ball

The other night on the #PubPriBridge Twitter chat we took on the topic of change in schools, and the conversation surfaced some pretty strong feelings on the point and purposes of change. Consensus, I feel comfortable saying, lay on the side of change, Heck, yes! but change […]

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What this is all about

The other night I watched the original 1947 Miracle on 34th Street, and it pushed me over an edge on which I have been teetering for a while. No, I did not give up my belief in Santa Claus, but one little phrase–a phrase I’ve heard again […]

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