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11 Things That I Wish “21st-Century Education” Evangelists Weren’t Doing So Much Of

One thing I have noticed about those lists of “My Top Ten Blog Posts of 2014” summaries favored by many bloggers is that many of the most widely read blog posts are comprised of listicles, urgent-sounding enumerated lists of must-dos or must-haves or pet peeves. Because Not […]

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Sitting Down to Turkey in Discomfort With My Privilege

Our epitaph will no doubt be that we were good people, nice people, who tried to do the right thing. Once a year we were even thankful, unless of course we were on an early morning shopping spree or being forced to work selling gadgets and gewgaws […]

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Ferguson: Tethering Ourselves to What Matters

A while back I realized that once upon a time I was actually in Ferguson, Missouri. It was around Christmas of 1970, and I was visiting a friend—in fact a girlfriend—in Florissant, the other town with which Ferguson shared its high school. Ferguson and Florissant were then, at […]

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