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Back Here Soon—Please Stay Tuned!


Just another quick update. If you’re a follower you see that the hosting for Not Your Father’s School has changed to my personal business website. I don’t plan to use the blog to push my business, other than in the ways that speculation can lead to ideas for action, so I will still be writing as myself, for myself, an educator not an entrepreneur.

In the last day or so there’s been a great thread on the NAIS Teachers of the Future community discussion board around blogging: “Do you blog to connect?” My old friend Vinnie Vrotny, a teacher of the future if ever there was one, responded succinctly, “I blog to reflect, but anyone is welcome to visit.”

This is why I blog. I spend a fair amount of time, even in summer when I am told I should be thinking about cutting back the bamboo encroaching on the yard, thinking about schools and school life. As my old friends on the ISED listserv will confirm, I sometimes think out loud, or at least in prose. In the 90s and early oughty-oughts, the listerv members were sometimes a captive audience; blogging freed them from me just as it liberated me to simply muse and write when the spirit moves me.

The spirit still moves me. Later this month I will be cutting back my blogging at Education Week, which has been a hoot but which has also consumed a big chunk of the spirit as well as much time for blue-sky reflection. I plan to be back to Not Your Father’s School on a regular basis, still, like Guy Noir, pondering life’s (and education’s) persistent questions.