Services for Schools, Educators, and Families

How can Peter Gow help?

Strengthen your school’s strategic position.

With deep experience in telling the independent school story and helping schools define their aspirations and their needs, I can help you ensure that your school says what it means and then does what it says—in the marketplace, in the community, and in the classroom.

I can guide your school in

  • Developing and implementing smart, forward-thinking strategic priorities for teaching and learning
  • Drafting distinctive, meaningful mission and value statements

Build and strengthen your school’s professional culture.

With my passion for creating robust professional cultures, I understand the evolving opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for schools and teachers. I can help you tap the full power of your school’s teachers and staff to build a true community of informed, professional, collaborative practice.

I can help you guide your school in

  • Building and sustaining a rich, rewarding, mission-aware professional culture
  • Planning and implementing effective, mission-driven programs for teacher evaluation and professional growth
  • Planning and implementing effective professional learning programs to create authentic professional learning communities

Maximize the effectiveness and engagement of every teacher in every classroom.

We can’t expect teachers to go it alone in the 21st-century world. With unmatched expertise in teacher development, I can help you create professional development programs that will support and inspire every teacher, at every career stage.

I can help you guide your school in

  • Planning and implementing mission-driven teacher recruiting and hiring programs
  • Planning and implementing state-of-the-art new-teacher induction and support
  • Specific professional development on:
    • Planning and implementing meaningful project-based learning
    • Thematic, integrated curriculum and meaningful assessment
    • Medical school-style case-based problem-based learning
  • Providing mentoring-at-large services for teachers and teacher cohorts at all career stages

Advise families and students in the college search-apply-choose process.

Building an appropriate list of colleges to which to apply is a difficult task, and too often “the list” takes precedence over the real work of the college search-apply-choose process, which is to support each student in their own self-discovery and the development of self-understanding and the refining of a personal narrative. Each year Peter takes on a very small number of students in the college advising process privately and through SpanOne.

Peter seeks students who bring, along with their families, open and curious minds and an understanding of the college search-apply-choose process as being for the benefit of the student, not the prestige of the household. He is particularly eager to help students whose own schools lack the resources to provide comprehensive college counseling services. The purpose of his work is to help students learn more about themselves and find the right fit in a college or university: a place where the student will be happy, challenged, successful, inspired, and supported through the first stage of their higher education journey.

Peter’s decision whether to provide services will be based on initial conversations with both the student and their parent(s) and/or guardian(s).